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We help individuals who are open to exploring their personal potential and are ready to invest the time and effort to see what the best version of themselves, mind, body and soul feels like.

Behemoth provides a team of leaders who are compassionate people and excellent coaches, a community immersed with selfless and supportive human beings, and a training approach that is geared towards creating capabilitiy and sustainability.

We strive to create a community of like-minded individuals who give a damn about the choices they make in putting their health, fitnees and quality of life first. These same people will empower those around them to take ownership of their own choices in life.

We measure our success when our members embrace the lifestyle practices they’ve learned within our walls. They choose to live excellently by thinking, acting and behaving the way that best supports their mental and physical well-being. Even with this self sufficiency, our members choose to stay apart of what we do because of the intangibles that separate our services and our community from that of others or on their own.

Our core tenets


Rest assured that your health and fitness needs will always be taken care of! Behemoth was voted as both Katy’s Best Fitness Facility & Best Trainer (Aja B.) in 2019. 


Not just nutrition but continual lifestyle coaching and encouragement is a huge component of healthy living. We offer a simple, sustainable methodology to mastering your health outside of the gym!  


Surround yourself with a supportive group of like-minded individuals that will help to push you to your best! 




Certified Fitness & Nutritionist


Voted 2019's Best Fitness Facility & Coach


More Than 8 Years of Changing Lives

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

what our athletes are Saying

Client Testimonials

…I finally decided to get on the right path, but I could not have done it without the encouragement and support of the Behemoth Coaches and community. They love what they do, their positivity is infectious. They are committed to teaching us to lift properly and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Alfred C.

When I retired, I made a commitment to myself to ‘get healthy’. It wasn’t about getting in shape or losing weight, but about improving my health as the foundation for the quality of life that I wanted to sustain for many years to come.

Cheryl C.

The Behemoth community and coaches hold a high standard. They are consistent with helping you become the best version of yourself. The coaches press the members to have intention behind every movement; even a warm-up!

Cass A.

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fitness motivation

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