January 8, 2019

2019 Holiday Detox Individual Rules

Here is the official INDIVIDUAL break down. There will be 2 ways to earn (or lose) points each week for Individuals.

This will factor in all your hard work. We will take into consideration those on a weight loss, maintenance, or gain plan here.

Individuals who goals was to:

  • Lose weight will be awarded 1 PT/lb
  • Gain will be awarded 3 PTs/lb
  • Maintenance will be award 10 pts if you are able to stay within 6 lbs (+/- 3lb either way)

2. Tester Score
3 opportunities for points here:

  • Your placing on the first workout
  • Your placing on the second workout
  • 2x points for your improvement from test 1 to 2.

Individuals who scaled their workout will not be eligible for prizes for this challenge.