January 8, 2019

2019 Holiday Detox Team Rules

Team Rules!

Here is the official team break down. There will be 3 ways to earn (or lose) points each week for your TEAM.

    • Simple. Weigh in and move towards the goal you set out at the beginning of the challenge. If you submit your weight 1x per week using your URL each week and are losing, gaining, or maintaining based on your orientation goal you will earn 1 PT. The amount of change doesn’t matter here just that you are moving in the right direction. You will have until Saturday each week to submit your weight.
  • Miss a weekly weigh in and you will LOSE 1 PT for your team.
  • In order to make these changes, we need you guys to put the work in! Attending 3 classes per week will earn your team (1/3 pt per attendance) max score per week will be 1 pt. You must attend a GPP class and be signed in to receive credit.
  • Miss a week completely‚Ķ. Your team will lose 1 PT. ***If you are out of town and post proof of your own training (tag Behemoth in your sweaty selfie) we will not take away any points.
  1. Weekly Creative Check In (DO NOT POST CHECK IN’s IN THIS GROUP)
  • This is a weekly FB Check-In Team Bonus. Considerations will be based on entertainment value & creativity of the post, the number of team participants in each check-in, the number team members participating. This will be voted on weekly by the entire coaching staff. The winning team will be awarded up to 5 PTs each week and this does not have to be awarded each week.

FB check-in instructions: https://youtu.be/0Zhq-o64JDs