Nutritional Resource Guide

Nutrition 101: Kick Starter Guide Paleo 101 (Robb Wolf) Whole 9 Life Mark’s Daily Apple Chris Kresser (very science heavy) Fat Sources and Use Meal Preparedness: Healthy Shopping List How to Navigate the Grocery Store Grocery Shopping on a budget Emergency Snacks and Meals: EliteF* Discount code: BEHEMOTH2016 Steve’s Paleo Kits Original Nutritional’s Java Nut Butter Discount code: BEHEMOTH EPIC Read more about Nutritional Resource Guide[…]

Goals & Post Workout Recommendations

Goal: Aesthetics/Fat loss. “I’m more interested in looking good naked then performance.” Pre workouts? Skip it The supplement industry is good at selling multiple products for a variety of uses. For fat loss, you want to be able to signal to your body to use what’s already stored in your body. Giving yourself quick, readily available Read more about Goals & Post Workout Recommendations[…]

Options for Healthier Alternatives

Looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite “not so healthy” foods? Sometimes giving unhealthy habits up completely is tough, but with these better alternatives you might find yourself missing them less or maybe not at all! Below Are Some Of The Alternatives that we talked about in the video: Plantain Chips Almond Flower Read more about Options for Healthier Alternatives[…]

Specifics of Portioning Meals

How much should I be eating? What’s most important? Weighing and measuring your food could help, but this isn’t for everyone…. Especially in the beginning, it feels like a lot of work to make sure that you are adequately fueling your daily endeavors. That said, the process of eating healthy shouldn’t be so complicated that it stops Read more about Specifics of Portioning Meals[…]

Break In Case of Emergency… Snacks

“Its better to be prepared and have nothing happen, then to not be prepared and something happen” What the heck do you eat when you’re in a bind!? Emergency snacks to the rescue! Follow along for some of our favorite emergency snacks and meals when life happens. Saturated fat is not the enemy! Guess what? If you didn’t already Read more about Break In Case of Emergency… Snacks[…]

Best Bang For Your (Grocery Budget) Buck

Have you ever left the grocery store with a full cart, feeling like you spent way too much money, only to get home and feel like you hardly have anything at all? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive OR hard. With a few of the tips and tricks mentioned above your shopping experience can be cheaper, Read more about Best Bang For Your (Grocery Budget) Buck[…]