July 14, 2015

Drop In Policy

Dropping into Behemoth? Please contact us at info@behemothcrossfit.com before showing up. Please do not just show up without getting in touch with the gym first!

Policy for “out of town” drop-ins, 2 options:

Option #1: We will need to speak with your head coach regarding your previous CrossFit experience before allowing you into our group class. Please contact us with enough time to do so!

Option #2: Depending on CrossFit experience, we recommend some drop-ins start with personal sessions with one of our coaches. Within this session you will need to be able to demonstrate competency with all the CrossFit movements that may be required from you within our group classes, as well as most CrossFit affiliates. This may be as little as 1 session or as many as needed before entry is allowed into our group setting. Personal sessions are $80/session.

Why do we do it this way?

We love when folks visit our box! Just as long as they understand the flow of group classes, they are competent with the CrossFit movement index and are just generally awesome people to be around. Understand that if we feel like we are limited in teaching, coaching and educating OUR own membership base because we have to make accommodations for someone outside of our community, then we feel we are only doing a disservice to the ones that make their home with us. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@behemothcrossfit.com to further discuss.


Do you have previous CrossFit experience and are you interested in becoming a part of the Behemoth community?

We require those coming from another gym to start with a personal assessment with one of our coaches. This gives us the opportunity to assess your previous CrossFit experience level including your movement mechanics, range of motion, limitations and fitness level. Within this session, athletes will need to demonstrate competency with the CrossFit movement index along with an understanding of the logistics of a group class setting at Behemoth. This session will also be used as a goal and lifestyle assessment to find out where the individual is currently at, where they desire to go and how Behemoth can be of further assistance to help them attain their goals. This may be be as little as one session or as many as needed before entry is allowed into our group setting. Each personal session is $80. We believe this is the safest and most effective way in allowing access into our group program. We don’t want to assume anything.


Please contact us at info@behemothcrossfit.com for any further questions and/or to schedule a session with one of our coaches.