Second Nature

By now you know what you want to accomplish and you are beginning to understand the “process” in getting there. Let’s discuss designing the blue print. The road map. The actionable steps that are by no means easy, but observable and able to get you to the end of your journey, one baby step at a time.

The above diagram says it all. What a fantastic example. How does the above compare to your current goals? Can you see similarities? Differences?

It will take some intuitive thought on how you want to go about reminding yourself to act, but then the remaining steps will fall right into place.

Here’s an example of my performance goal and how I’ll go about attacking it:

Goal: I will accomplish 5 sets of 60 second chin above bar hangs by December 31st, 2017

Reminder: My gymnastic training days are on Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:00AM immediately following class.

Routine: I perform a specific progression for this movement including varied time domains and loadings every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00AM.

Reward: The feeling of accomplishment alone is reward enough but from week to week and month to month, adding a small amount of time or load to each set is fulfilling.
**Think POSITIVE reward. POSITIVITY will relate to healthier feelings and emotions in response to habit. POSITIVITY will also breed consistency through religious, desirable practice of habit. The more positive the reward, the more you’ll look forward to your next reminder!*

Nothing worthwhile in this life happens immediately, remember that. It’s all about taking one step at a time, slowly and steadily, changing one behavior and developing consistent habits through repetition and routine!

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fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!