Behaviors In The Gym

Consistency Breeds Results
Do you guys remember our email on building habits outside of the gym?
Do you remember the “3 R’s”?
Do you think this approach differs much from the approach you take in building desirable strength, skill and/or capacity in the gym?It doesn’t, let’s take a look at an example…

Desire: Consecutive double unders
Goal: “I will accomplish 2 consecutive double unders by July 1st, 2017”

although it may sound like…

“Damn double unders, I hate you!”

Let’s use our 3 R’s (Reminder, Routine, Reward) to attack this approach!


-Every time double unders show up in the workout…YOU show up!
-Practice double unders during the cool down. You partake in the cool down religiously after each class, so by doing so it serves as a great reminder to PRACTICE!
Routine: Show up and practice double unders! No single unders! Don’t settle for the path of least resistance!Reward: Sheer mental and physical accomplishment for pulling yourself from your comfort zone and working a weakness. You are now steps closer towards goal attainment! Pat on the back! Fist pump! Dab! Dab! Dab!

Double unders are simply an example of something you desire when it comes to performance. Notice the approach is no different than the one we’ve coached with lifestyle behaviors.
The same could be said for wanting to Improve your endurance on running workouts, enhancing your efficiency on the olympic lifts or even getting your first pull-up. It all begins with a goal, a why and a blueprint on how to get there.


Could your squat use some improvement?

Can you go for 10 minutes? This doesn’t have to be 10 minutes straight, how about 10 sets of 1 minute holds spread throughout the day? Seems a lot more doable with this approach doesn’t it? Try it today!

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