Break In Case of Emergency… Snacks

“Its better to be prepared and have nothing happen, then to not be prepared and something happen”
What the heck do you eat when you’re in a bind!? Emergency snacks to the rescue! Follow along for some of our favorite emergency snacks and meals when life happens.
Saturated fat is not the enemy!
Guess what? If you didn’t already know, fat is friend not foe. Crazy to think based off of most nutritional prescriptions these days. But the word is out! Did you know that dietary cholesterol has very little affect on blood cholesterol? Intrigued? Read more here: Cholesterol and saturated fat are not the enemy


“Nectar of the Gods”

Don’t you wish there was a fat-burning, energy sustaining, nutrient dense, creamy, satiating and delicious coffee option out there!? Maybe there is…

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