Eat Real Food

Your diet is one of the more important lifestyle factors, but if allowed, it can be one of the hardest steps when first starting out. Keep it as simple as possible to help you maximize success!
Remember, we are making BEHAVIORAL changes.
  • If you know your willpower is limited, set yourself up for success by simply throwing away problematic foods from your house. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Understand that this is about momentum. You aren’t going to always make the right choices so don’t throw in the towel if you slip up. Get back up and get going!
  • Until it becomes a routine, preparation is the only road to success. Period.
Stick to REAL FOODS. This means healthy animal proteins, vegetables, fruits and good healthy fats. We need to avoid processed foods (think foods that have been preserved, sweetened, low-fat, etc… to increase palatability) so that we can realize our true potential!
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