Dangers of Complacency

Almost There… Don’t Let Up!

The ultimate enemy of success is not failure. It’s complacency. Being comfortable or getting “close enough” to a goal has a tendency to trick you into letting your guard down. Once that initial drive/motivation is lost, it’s easy to slide right back to where we started – sometimes worse off. Stay diligent! Stay focused! Don’t lose sight of what is truly important to you – the “why” that drives your daily choices. Motivation is fleeting. The thrill of starting something challenging and new wears off quickly. That initial momentum will only take you so far before eventually you’ll again need to consciously decide what’s really important to you. Living only within our “comfort zone”, limits our progress in nearly every aspect of our life. Keep in mind that average is just as close to the bottom as it is the top.

Here is an easy way to start your day off with a win. Instead of snoozing your alarm, get up and go straight to the bathroom and jump into the shower and turn the cold water on. No warming up. No thinking about it. Just do it. I guarantee it’s not going to kill you, but starting your day with something challenging can give you a new perspective. We’ve talked at length over the past year about the health benefits of cold showers, but for those of you who still have yet to tried it, this is your chance.

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