Postural Awareness

Unfortunately most of our working force is bound to a desk the majority of the day. A matter of fact, I’d bet most of you are reading this from your desk as we speak. If not from your desk, from your phone…with shoulders rolled inwards…head slouched over…sounds pretty familiar as I’m sure you’re adjusting your posture as you read along…

Sitting is a HUGE problem, but not the only one. How we sleep, how we text and how we go through life can all be detrimental to our health if we’re not conscious of how its affecting us and what to do to fix it.

We are currently in more of an epidemic than we believe. No, I’m not talking about over half the country being overweight or obese (even though sedentary lifestyles are absolutely a correlation). I’m talking about an unconscious awareness and at times a careless approach to the postures and positions we spend the majority of our days in AWAY from the gym. We preach safe movement and mechanics when lifting a barbell, why not take the same approach when we’re at work, sending a text or lying in bed? Don’t think it has an affect? I’d argue that most of your discomfort, pain and nagging injuries are a result of the time spent outside of the gym (Kind of sounds similar to our 23:1 approach to goal attainment. Lifestyle > exercise) The things you do inside of the gym will just further your dysfunction.

So…we have to start doing something about this. We have to start becoming aware of our posture in life. Not just for the sake of standing taller, more attractive, more confident, approachable and empowered but for the sake of our quality of life!

Our bodies are made to move. Our best position is the one that is consistently changing. The same way we have coached you on building successful behaviors is the same way we’ll coach you on becoming more aware of your posture. Remember the 3 R’s?

  • Reminder – Your body needs a neuro-muscular cue to trigger a response from our brain to tell our body when and what to adjust/do. Here are a few examples.
    • Iphone alarm clock – For every 25 minutes you’re stuck in one position, move for at least 5 minutes. This approach is deemed the “Pomodoro technique”. Set an alarm clock to go off every 25 minutes throughout the day.
    • Fit-bit – 10,000 step goal for the day? You look down and are only at 5,000 at 4PM. Time to get-a-steppin’
    • “Door way drill” – Every time you walk through a doorway, remind yourself to “Stand up straight and smile!” Associating these mantras with something that is so consistently done throughout your day can help turn a task into a habit!
    • Pop-socket – every time you pick your phone up your pinky grazes across this embossed, circular design on the back of your phone. This triggers a “reminder” to your brain and body to pop it out and adjust your texting posture. After so many times, it just happens naturally.
  • Routine
    • perform whatever action resonates with one of the above techniques. Perform it deliberately and with the intent to make it a behavior. Don’t just go through the motions!
  • Reward 
    • It can be a pat on the back, an encouraging mantra or just sheer empowerment that you’re taking a step in the right direction towards building a successful habit that WILL enhance your health, wellness and quality of life.
I don’t want to overwhelm you with postural behavior changes all in one email. I’ll save more on sleeping, standing work stations and other daily hacks for another thread later on this week. For now, start making these adjustments right this second. They’re that important to your health and well-being. Watch the above video and soak in the statistics. Pretty startling but 100% believable.

Remember, you are what you consistently do. Your battle stance is your every day stance. Food for thought.

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