Your Thoughts… Your Words… Your Actions

What we think often times comes out of our mouths and in to the ear’s of others.  Our words directly impact how we feel about ourselves and how other’s perceive us.

Our words create action.  Words can motivate us to do what we never thought was possible, fueling our personal power and allowing us to make changes in behavior, creating new habits.

Habits are actions that we do regularly, without even thinking.  If we do an action that feels good or yields results, we often repeat it over and over.  Our habits become who we are and establish our character.

We are known by our character.  Our character comes from the thoughts and actions we do habitually. When someone describes you, they describe your character and all of your distinctive qualities.


If our character is how we are known, described and defined I would argue that we all would want to be defined in positive, uplifting and inspirational ways.  As human beings we all desire love, connection and compassion.  If these character traits are born solely through our THOUGHTS, should we not think with the utmost positivity, kindness towards ourselves and with high expectations of who we are capable of being?

I encourage you all to take some time to really think about your thoughts.  Do they motivate you to be better? Are they positive? Are they uplifting? Do they challenge you in the right ways?

If so, they will inspire you to act in a better, more positive, uplifting, and motivated way.

If you act this way, you will habitually become a better, more positive person. You will uplift not only yourself but others around you and you will motivate others to be better with you.

By doing this every single day, you will lead others to see and define you as a GOOD, positive, uplifting and motivating individual. Change the way you think. The changes in your life and those closest to you will reflect this new perspective and can drastically improve your quality of life, all by changing the chatter between your ears.

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