Living Drowsy

Are you living drowsy? After a while, many of us that consistently undercut our sleep become less aware of it happening… Think about how we react to stress. For many of us, we are living with our foot on the gas pedal, and have done it for so long that we shrug it off and chalk it up to the daily grind. Imagine switching your schedule with your spouse, your friend, or your neighbor. Would that new schedule break you? Them? Remember, “it’s not the load that breaks you it’s how you carry it”… We need to slow down. Much of this stress can be fixed with a good night’s rest.

Consider that 1-2 hours of regular sleep loss has the same impact to memory, decision making, and other cognitive abilities as a blood alcohol level of 0.10. It’s hard to make good decisions when we are uninhibited. When do you find it the hardest to stay on track? Why is that Friday happy hour so hard to say no to? Will power works a whole lot better when we are fully rested.


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