What is your Sleep Chronotype? 

As of now, many of you have figured out that sleeping 7-8 hours is a lot of work but hopefully it is well worth it. That said, we are all different. Some of us consider ourselves “night owls” being more productive and alert as the night wears on. While others, love to get up before the sun and attack the day. Maybe this is because we ARE actually wired up differently.

A large part of this challenge is to help you start doing the detective work to figure out what is going to keep you on track and feeling your best! Dr. Michael Breus, an authority on sleep, has a very cool quiz to help determine which type of sleeper you are, referring to this as your specific Chronotype. Although, I would mostly likely take the characteristics of your sleep animal with a big ole grain of salt, this is another way to conceptualize why some of us perform better at different times of the day.


Take the Quiz Here

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