Aja’s Morning Routine

Start your day right.

Many of us aren’t morning people simply because the morning usually revolves around waking up to an unwanted alarm then heading to work, two things that I’d argue most people aren’t too fond of. Plus, most of us only allow enough time to roll out of bed, dress ourselves, skip breakfast and grab a scalding coffee then head to the dreaded office. This is our lack thereof routine and its sounds pretty gloomy to be honest. The thought processing and body language surrounding this approach does nothing to kick-start our metabolism, our attitude, our approach and intent for the days events.

You can’t argue with routine. Having a routine breeds successful habits and behaviors. Successful habits and behaviors bring happiness, confidence, empowerment, control and…well, success. Did you know that one of the common traits amongst some of the most successful people in this world is having a routine? Not just any routine, a morning routine.

Why, you may ask?

Because while everyone’s nestled in their bed (attempting to soak up every ounce of their deprived sleeping experience thanks to last nights episode of The Walking Dead or Josie Grosie’s new facebook update) these folks are making the time to rise early and get things done.

Did you also know that some people are most productive in the morning? When we rise with the sun, our body produces stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and epinephrine to help elevate our heart rate, raise our blood pressure, dilate our pupils and bring a plethora of energy to our systems to get the ball rolling! Let these processes happen naturally (no, you don’t need coffee, at least immediately. Thats what cortisol is for) and lead your intention for the day, which should be: Go crush it!

Here’s a look into my morning routine, a good determinant of why I love the things that most people hate. (i.e Mondays, work, discomfort, etc.):

Must be at Behemoth at 7:30AM

Step 1: Wake up using the Sleep Cycle alarm clock on my Iphone at 6:00AM, then drink 2 tall glasses of water

  • Soothing, progressive alarm sounds that wake me within a 30 minute window where I’m at my lightest sleep.
  • Water helps rehydrate my body from a 7-8 period of fasting, de-hydration and sedentariness.
Step 2: Hop in a 5-minute cold shower while I listen to Dave Ramsey tell me how to manage money
  • Cold showers = Increased stress resiliency, increased pain tolerance, improved deep sleep function, rapid body fat loss, lowered blood sugar, decreased inflammation just to name a few
    • The research is proven. Folks that have a hard time buying in I’d argue aren’t tough enough to try…
Step 3: Air dry in a towel outside while I practice 5-10 minutes of guided, meditative breathing
  • I really like using Simple Habit. At the end of the day, I can MAKE 5-10 minutes to work on my breathing because its that important to me
Step 4: Cook breakfast that consists of real, whole foods (including eggs, bacon, grassfed butter, bone broth, kim chi and avocado) while I practice holding my breath for lengthy periods of time
  • I use a Static Apnea Table application on my phone to work on my breath holds to enhance my ability to handle settings of lower and/or higher oxygen and CO2. I’m weird…
  • Usually I’m listening to some sort of educational podcast that will help increase my knowledge base on health, wellness and self-improvement
Step 5: 5 minutes of coconut pulling before eating
  • Great, “low-hanging fruit” to help with oral detoxification. Coconut oil has numerous benefits including its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effects. Interested? Read more here
Step 6: Eat breakfast while standing on a trampoline along with feeding my mind with educational podcasts, articles or books. Sometimes I like to read out loud because I feel it helps me retain the information better.

Out the door around 7:00AM to 7:15AM

We’ve always said control the things you can control and don’t sweat the rest. In this setting, you can control your attitude and your approach, your intention. Make the time and the choice to kick-start your day with habits that will help your attitude rather than hurt it.

1. Remind yourself to get into bed earlier so you can get up a littler earlier to begin your routine.
2. Once you wake, perform your routine with intention, whatever that may be (good ideas above).
3. Reward yourself by feeling confident and empowered to attack the day ahead, knowing you’ve accomplished so much already to help make today great and improve your quality of life!

Don’t drudge through life, its much too short to not live every moment to the fullest. Be great today and forever. Remember, our lives aren’t dictated by the events that happen within them but rather how we react to those events. Food for thought!

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