Are You Setting Intentions?

An intention is a guiding process in how you want to live, be and show up in the world.  It can be a daily intention or a life intention, but it can align your thoughts and actions as you go throughout your day. One thing I have started to implement is five minutes of mindfulness and intention setting in the mornings.  This has allowed me time to be with myself, focus on me, allow more compassion for myself and others, and to come up with my intentions for the day.  An intention should not be confused with a goal, rather it is an aim, purpose or attitude you want to align within your life.

I have included a video of a morning intention setting and joy practice from my most recent read, ‘The Book of Joy’.  Find a quiet space and take yourself through this practice to set your days intention! Find some time/space to take yourself through this practice.  If you are at home, you can lay in bed, lay on the floor, or sit in a cozy spot.  If you are at work, get comfortable in your chair and follow along.  I promise it will be quick and no one will notice! Enjoy!

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