Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Back Squat (x 2-4 + 1-2 second pause in the bottom)

Take 20 minutes to cycle through the following components:

A. Back squats x 2-4 + 1-2 second pause at the bottom

Once at a 5-7/10 scale of difficulty, add in the following:

B. Strict muscle-up work (see below)

*Notes: Start light and build your way through the time allotted to a challenging set of the following. Rest as needed in between movements and sets to increase difficulty of movements/loading for the next set but still allow for quality mechanics.

Back squats: choose an option that will allow you your best ROM and highest quality of movement

L1: Goblet/counterbalanced squat

L2: As listed

Muscle-ups (See notes)

Strict muscle-ups: Choose an option where you need the most work in order for movement attainment. Also choose a difficult enough progression for the rep scheme prescribed below. “Add performance” on whatever is selected below

L1: 3-5 challenging assisted pull-ups and box assisted push-ups

*10 push-ups from the ground are required for L2*

L2: 3-5 strict pull-ups and dips

*5/3 strict pull-ups and 5/3 ring dips are required for L3*

L3: As prescribed (coach will work with those here to find the most suitable progression)


Pinch grip (x 30-40 seconds)

5 sets:

A. 30-40 second pinch grip

Rest 30-45 seconds

B. 50m sled push

Rest 30-45 seconds

*Notes: choose the loading but this is simply accessory work. Your heart rate will get elevated because of the difficulty of the movements but do not treat this like a conditioning session. Shoot for 40 seconds on the pinch grip and try to keep your sled push as swift as possible.

Pinch grip: “lobster claw” style pinch

L1: 25/15

L2: 2-15s/2-10s

L3: competition bumpers

Sled push (x 50m)

Sled push:

L2: try to add load each time and keep the push quick!

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!