Friday 01/13/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Kipping swing and T2B skill work:

Perform 2-3 sets with a partner:

1. Hollow roll to arch x 5

2. Small kipping swing + pause (exhibiting control) x 5

3. Larger kipping swing x 5 (emphasizing bar press down)

4. T2B progression x 5 (adding in leg synchronization)


A: Box Jumps (x 2-4)

Spend 20 minutes working through the following:

A. Box jumps x 2-4

Rest 30 seconds

B. Challenging alternating DB snatch x 4-6 (2-3/arm)

Rest 30 seconds

C. T2B x max unbroken set (do not exceed 8-12 per set)

Rest 30 seconds

*Notes: rest only the prescribed amount of rest before moving on. Start super easy so that you can set the expectation for movement quality, then build on that only and if you are capable of. By the end of the 20 minutes you should be at a relatively challenging box jump, DB weight and have accumulated some really good T2B work.

DB Snatch (x 4-6)

Dumbbell snatch

C: Toes-To-Bar (x ME)

Accessory Work


Work on a weakness for 5-10

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