Friday 02/17/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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1x through:

Dip squats x 5

Jump to land x 5

Push press x 5

BTN split jerk x 5

Front squat + jerk x 5


Front squat + jerk (x 1+1)

Take 15 minutes to work on the barbell skill below:

Front squat + split jerk + 3-second pause in the split

*Notes: Go from the ground and work on your clean. If you must go from a rack, you can do so. This is skill play work, let jerk footwork dictate your loading.

Level 1: Build as many high quality reps as possible

Level 2: Build to a tough complex for the day


“5-7-9” (Time)

Complete the following for time:

5-7-9 (7 minute cap)

Power cleans (185/115)


Box jumps (30/24)
*Notes: Choose loadings necessary to accomplish underneath the cap. Weight should be done in quick singles

Pull-ups: can be done however. If you do not yet have 5 strict pull-ups, we’d recommend you work on strict strength

Accessory Work

1 set, break up however

Band pull aparts x 20-25

Face pulls x 20-25

Ring rows x 20-25

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