Friday 04/08/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Crossover Symmetry (No Measure)

Hit this before the class starts if possible!

Shoulder prep routine (No Measure)

GB wrist series x 5-10/movement

Push-up + press throughs x 5

Thoracic bridge x 3-5/side

Rocking tables x 8

Pass throughs x 10/10

Band pull apart series x 5/movement

Bar hang (hands as close as possible) x :30

Jerk footwork (No Measure)

1 set:

Jump to land x 5

BTN jerk x 5

Front rack jerk x 5


Power clean + Press + split jerk

*Notes: In the initial minutes when the weight is very light, you may want to accomplish more than 1 set of the complex, but once the weight becomes physically and metabolically taxing, stick to 1

Level 2: Try and do a set every 60 seconds
15:00 of Barbell skill work


Metcon (3 Rounds for time)


Every 4 minutes for 12 minutes:

Behemoth lap


15 UNBROKEN wall ball shots 20/14
*Notes: if any movement is not completed unbroken, that movement must start over regardless of time. Score is time for each round

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