Friday 04/15/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Single leg warm-up (No Measure)


Walking lunges + elbow touch x 10m

Reverse lunges + knee push out x 10m

Cossack squats x 10

Cossack slides x 10

Toy soldiers x 10m

Single leg RDL x 10m


A: BB Back Rack Lunges (x 6-8)

6 sets for quality:

A. BB back rack lunges x 6-8 steps

B. Pull-ups x 3-5

Rest as needed

*Notes: 6 sets, this is inclusive of your warm-up sets too. Just build to a tough set in 6 sets

Back rack lunges: These are reverse lunges, drive through the heel of your front leg!

B: Pull-ups (x ME)

Pull-ups: Perform as many QUALITY reps in one max effort set.

Level 1: Rack assist

Level 2: Box assist

Level 3: Band assist (red or less)

Level 4: Unassisted

Level 5: Wtd (log “wtd pull-ups” in “custom WOD”)


3:00 AB + burpee broad jumps (Distance)


3:00 clock:

AB calories x 30/20

Max distance burpee broad jumps in remaining time
*Notes: distance will be calculated in 10 foot increments. Once athletes get off assault bike, next set of athletes will start on the following minute

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