Friday 05/12/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Gymnastic skill/strength:

Take 10 minutes or 3-4 sets to cycle through the following gymnastic skills:

A. Deck squats x 8-10

Rest as needed

B. Hanging L-sit x 15-30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

C. Strict muscle-up x 1-5 reps

Rest 30 seconds

*Notes: Cycle through the following gymnastics components accumulating some high quality work. You shouldn’t be working for more than about 30-45 seconds.

Deck squats:

Level 1: elevated surface

Level 2: ground +/- weight in front

Level 3: rolling candle stick (4-5/leg)

Level 4: pistol squat (4-5/leg)

Hanging L-sit: make sure there is LITTLE pressing down on the bar with the lats. From your hands to your toes, your body should be in a perfect “L”. Try to keep your legs locked out. We would rather you lower the height of your legs or modify to a hanging knee raise if terminal leg extension is difficult at elevated heights

Level 1: Hanging knee raise hold

Strict muscle-up: there is a lot of freedom and flexibility here. If skill is your problem, work the below progressions. If strength is your issue, work on your strict pushing or pulling strength!

Level 1: banded progression OR strict pushing/pulling work

Level 2: low ring progression (lower half assist)

Level 3: low ring progression (less lower half assist)

Level 4: low ring progression (feet elevated and no lower half assist)


“2 minute tests” (5 Rounds for reps)

1. AMRAP in 2:

ME AB calories

Rest 60 seconds

2. AMRAP in 2:

ME WBS (20/14)

Rest 60 seconds

3. AMRAP in 2:

ME burpee pull-ups

Rest 60 seconds

4. AMRAP in 2:

Max calories on the C2 rower

Rest 60 seconds

5. AMRAP in 2:

Accomplish a behemoth lap

Rest 60 seconds
*Notes: there is a lot going on here but don’t over complicate it. The movements are simple and low skill enough to move through pretty sufficiently. No more than 5 people at each station. These aren’t all out sprints, think about an uncomfortable pace, like a 7-8/10 and try and sustain that for the entire 2 minutes. 5 scores for todays workout

Burpee pull-ups:

Level 2: Burpee bar muscle-ups

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