Friday 05/19/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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EMOM for 10:

Shuffle-Shuffle-Sprint (start in the bottom of a push-up position)

*Notes: Athletes will face the behemoth wall, they will shuffle to the right 5m, touch the cone, shuffle all the way to the left 10m, touch the cone, then sprint all the way through 10m. Face the opposite way on the next sprint, but always finish through the rig. If needed, run a heat every 30 seconds


Turkish Get Up (x 1/arm)

In the remaining portion of class, cycle through for quality reps:

A. TGU x 1/arm

B. 50m farmer’s carry AHAP

C. Box jump x 3

*Notes: Start moderate or easy and build your way through the sets. Work as fast or as slow as you desire to through this. Build to a challenging final set throughout the time.


Level 2: Bottoms up KB

Farmer’s Carry (x 50m)

Max Height Box Jump (Distance)

Max Height Box Jump
Box jump: however you need to get on the box, do so. Be sure to ELEVATE first before pulling your feet up. If you are not comfortable with high box jumps, please use a soft box OR check your ego and be smart about your height.

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