Friday 05/26/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Gymnastic skill and strength:

EMOM for 9:

Minute 1: Deck squats

Minute 2: Double unders

Minute 3: Hollow hold/rocks

*Notes: Work for 30 QUALITY seconds and set a # or time frame for yourself, replicate that each time you come back around. Goal is to work for as much of the :30 as possible

Deck squats:

Level 1: Elevated mat

Level 2: Ground +/- weight in front

Level 3: Rolling candlestick

Level 4: Pistol squats (alternating)

Hollow rocks: choose an option that will allow you to work masterfully for the 30 seconds

Level 1: Bent knee

Level 2: Straddle

Level 3: Hollow


Metcon (Calories)

15 minute clock:

Partner 1: Accumulates max calories on Assault Bike or Rower (first come first serve)

Partner 2: Performs 1 round of…

10 Alternating DB snatch (5/arm)

5 DB squats (same DB)

120 foot DB carry (60 feet/arm)
*Notes: When partner 2 finishes their round, partners will switch. There are various options for this workout, choose the one that allows you the highest quality of movement. If you are unsure, speak with a coach to help choose the right option for you. Score will be total calories together.

DB squats:

Level 1: hold in the front rack

Level 2: hold overhead (if mobility allows)

DB carry:

Level 1: Suitcase carry

Level 2: Waiter’s walk (if mobility allows)”

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