Friday 07/21/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Take 15 minutes to cycle through about 3-5 sets of the following:

A. 2-3 seated box jumps

Rest as needed

B. 2-3 slam ball slams (to the ground) (15-20/10-15)

Rest as needed

C. 10 second sprint on the AB

Rest as needed

*Notes: You get out what you put in here. We want to be as explosive as possible! Work with a partner on these but the goal is to explode as high as possible on the box jumps (hip extension), slam the ball as hard as possible (hip flexion) and accelerate to top speed as fast as possible on AB.

Seated box jump: sit to a box that will allow your upper thigh to be about parralel to the ground. Lift the feet, maintaining a neutral spine position and once the feet touch the ground, immediately EXPLODE upwards and land on top of a similar sized or higher box. Box height isn’t as important as aggressive and violent extension of the ankles, knees and hips are!


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Complete the following with a partner:

10 minute clock:

150 consecutive wall ball shots

ME G2OH (clean and jerk only) (75/55)
*Notes: The intent of the 150 wall ball shots is to be done unbroken (coach will demonstrate). Score will be total G2OH reps


Level 1: 10/6

Level 2: 14/10

Level 3: 20/14

G2OH: Athletes can do a minimum of 5 reps at a time but a maximum of however many they desire to do. Weight should feel like a 1/10 scale and should be able to be moved efficiently and effectively, not just fast.

Level 1: 45/35

Level 2: 55/45

Level 3: 75/55

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