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Hang Snatch (12 minute of BB skill work)

Work for 12 minutes on the barbell skill of:

Hang snatch (+ 1-2 second pause at hang position + 1-2 second pause at receiving position)

*Notes: either spend 12 minutes working on barbell skill getting in as many QUALITY repetitions as possible or build over the course of the 12 minutes to a tough hang snatch for the day. Choose an option below that best suits your mobility requirements

Level 1: Hang muscle snatch

Level 2: Hang power snatch

Level 3: Hang squat snatch


Behemoth Sprint Chipper (Time)

For time (7 minute cap):

27 WBS (20/14)

21 Ab-mat sit-ups (w/ med ball)

15 Power snatch (95/65)

9 burpee box overs (30/24)

WBS: choose an option that will allow you unbroken repetitions

Level 1: 10/6

Level 2: 14/10

Ab-mat sit-ups: choose an option that will allow you unbroken repetitions

Level 1: no medicine ball

Power snatch: choose a weight that will allow you the highest quality of movement even under duress. Weight should feel like a 1/10 scale and should be MUCH LESS than what you were working with in the Primary.

Level 1: Muscle snatch

Burpee box overs: You may use your hands and any portion of your body to get over the object, the idea is just to surmount the object and get to the other side. Everyone will use a 3-sided box regardless, but this doesn’t mean you have to jump or step on and over it! Find a way to get to the other side, even if thats means climbing

fitness motivation

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fitness motivation

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