Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Metcon (Distance)

Grunt work day:

In teams of 4, move for 30 minutes:

Partner 1: Rows for max distance

Partner 2: Burpee box overs + sandbag

Partner 3: 200m KB goblet carry

Partner 4: Rests
*Notes: This is a long and slow day, your focus should just be moving at a low intensity. Once the partner returns from the goblet carry, all athletes will switch stations. Score will be total meters rowed

Burpee box overs + sandbag: no higher than a 20″ box here. Athletes will do a burpee to the ground, upon standing, they will then clean the sandbag and get over the box with it, however desired. If the sandbag is too heavy to step up and over the box with, get the sandbag to the box and push it over before stepping up and over the box

Level 1: 60/40

Level 2: 80/60

Level 3: 100/80

Level 4: 120/100

KB goblet carry: Choose a weight that will allow for a maximal of 1 break at the 100m turn around

Level 1: 45/25

Level 2: 55/35

Level 3: 70/45

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!