Friday 09/22/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Farmer’s Carry (3 deadlifts + 60 foot carry)

Take 15-ish minutes to build to a challenging complex for the day:

3 deadlifts + 60 foot farmer’s carry

*Notes: For this workout, you will use kettlebells or farmer’s handles. Perform 3 deadlifts with the weights and on the 3rd deadlift, carry the weights to the opposite side of the rig. Have fun with this one and work to a challenging complex for the day. Treat these the same way you would treat heavy deadlifts! You get out what you put in!

L1: KBs

L2: Farmer’s handles (only if you are beyond the 88lb KBs)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 8:

8 DB hang clean to thruster

8 T2B

8 Box jumps
*Notes: just a traditional AMRAP. Move through this with intent to break as little as possible during the 8 minutes. Choose options that are appropriate for you for the time frame and rep scheme.

T2B: For today, choose the option that will allow you proficiency with 8 reps. The intent is not to break any set, however, if you do, be intelligent on whether or not you should digress back a progression or just strategically break reps

L1: Lying leg raise

L2: Kipping straight leg raise (hips/chest/eye level)

L3: T2B

Box jumps:

L2: 20

L3: 24

Accessory Work

Optional accessory work:

1 set:

Pulling work x 1 effort

Rest 30-60 seconds

Pushing work x 1 effort

Rest 30-60 seconds

*Notes: Build off last week and like last week, choose the option that is closest to your ability level. Log your results underneath “performance history” then “add” under WODify on your phone app

Pulling work: choose an option that will allow you at least 5-10 reps

No pull-ups: Assisted + pause at top/middle/bottom of rep

A few pull-ups: unassisted

A lot of pull-ups: weighted

Pushing work: choose an option that will allow you at least 5-10 reps

No push-ups from the ground OR single digit push-ups from the ground: push-up progression

Some push-ups from the ground (at least 10): bar dips

A lot of push-ups from the ground (11+): ring dips

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