Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


Hang Power Clean (EMOM for 15)

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes, perform:

Hang power clean x 1 rep

*Notes: Start very easy and build difficulty throughout the 15 minutes. Spend 15 minutes working on this barbell skill getting in as many QUALITY repetitions as possible where loading isn’t as important as quality of mechanics are OR build over the course of the 15 minutes to a tough single for the day.

Hang clean: If you desire to work the hang squat clean, you may, however the “power” variation is prescribed today

L1: Hang muscle clean

L2: Hang power clean


With a partner:

Push a sled for 10 minutes with a partner or 800m (male teams)/ 600m (female teams), whichever comes first

*Notes: Partner 1 will start off pushing the sled hard. Once that pace drops off, switch. Continue this for 10 minutes or the recommended work allotment suggested above. If there is an odd man left out, the coach will partner with you 🙂 hehe

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!