Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


Lunges (x 60 feet)

3-4 sets (12-15 minutes):

A. DB suitcase lunges x 60 feet

B. Double under practice x quality effort (see below)

C. Snatch x 3-5

*Notes: utilize this time to get some good single leg strength in as well as build into your workout weight and movement options for the day. You should only need about 3-5 efforts to get into your working weight for the lift today

DB suitcase lunges: Hold one DB on one side of the body and lunge for 60 feet. Do not exceed 16 total steps.

L1: Unloaded

L2: DB loaded (AHAP)

Double under practice: choose an option where you need the most work

L1: 30-50 single unders

L2: 5-10 efforts of double under practice

L3: 10-30 unbroken double unders

Snatch: Based on comfort and movement mechanics with the snatch, you and the coach may decide that the clean is the most optimal movement for you for today

L1: Clean/Muscle snatch

L2: Power snatch +/- OHS (if mobility allows for)

L3: Squat snatch


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

7 minute clock:

50 Abmat sit-ups

100 double unders

ME snatch
*Notes: Goal is to get to get to the snatch with as much time remaining and get in as many quality reps as possible. Weights shouldnt’ exceed 135/95 and should be done in singles.

Double unders:

L1: 2x single unders

L2: 1/2 double unders

L3: unbroken double unders


L1: Muscle snatch

L2: Power snatch +/- OHS (if mobility allows for)

L3: Squat snatch

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!