Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


3-4 sets (10-12 minutes):

A. Kipping pull-up progression/drill x quality set

B. Thrusters x 5 reps

C. Box jump x 5 reps

*Notes: Take no more than the prescribed efforts above to work into your workout intensities.

Kipping pull-up progression/drill: choose a progression/drill from the break-out that you need most work on. This could be a more difficult progression, but do not go until fatigue or failure here.

Thrusters: Build into your workout weight. If comfortable enough you may “exceed” desired load for workout today in this component

Box jumps: Build into your workout height. If comfortable enough you may “exceed” desired height for workout today in this component


Barbells For Boobs 2017 October Rewards Challenge #4 (Time)

3 rounds (10 minute cap):

10 pull-ups

13 thrusters

20 box jumps overs
*Notes: Choose options below that will allow you an unbroken first set and at max 1 break at each movement moving to the later rounds

Pull-ups: choose an option that you can do 10 consecutive repetitions from

L1: Jumping pull-ups/modified strict pull-ups

L2: Kipping pull-ups

L3: C2B kipping pull-ups (Good option for those that can do BEYOND 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups)

Thrusters: Choose an option that will allow you unbroken sets

L1: DB thrusters (if a barbell isn’t conducive for this movement)

Box jump overs: jump on top of the box and step down to the other side

L1: <20"
L2: 20″

L3: 24″

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!