Friday 10/30/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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3 sets (no more than 10:00):

Level 1:

Mobility: Grip changing bar hang x 30 seconds (accumulated)

Skill: Wall walk + max time hold until loss of position

Skill 2: Handstand kick-ups w/ partner x 30 feet

*must be able to at least get vertical on the wall*

**GOAL: completely vertical position on wall walk (coaches standard) + comfort on handstand kick ups to move onto Level 2 skill

Level 2:

Mobility: Grip changing bar hang x 60 seconds (one effort)

Skill: Kick-up handstand hold x max time – no more than 60 seconds

**GOAL: 1 set of 60 seconds handstand hold w/out break in position or soft elbows/shoulders in skill (coaches approval) to move onto Level 3 skill

Level 3:

Mobility: Single arm ring hang x 30/arm (one effort)

Skill: HSPU negatives x 1-5 @ 5 seconds (kick down and kick back up for each rep)

**GOAL: 1 set of 5 reps + 5 second negative HSPU w/ LITTLE rest in between reps (coaches approval) to move onto final skill

Level 4:

Skill: HSPU x 1-5 @ 20X1

A: 2 minutes ME push-ups (AMRAP – Reps)

As long as they’re quality, we’re looking for max reps
Rest 60 seconds, then…

*Athletes can test again at @ 00X0 for a max set. Once they fatigue out, if there is till time left in the 2 minutes, keep going.

Options are:

1. Rack system 9-10

2. Rack system 4-5

3. Ground

Metcon (Time)

W/ a partner, complete 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off:

40 double unders/80 singles (don’t jump past 40 sec)

15/10 calories

6 BB cleans
Once both partners have done 3 sets, you are finished. Goal is to try and get all the work done in the 2 minutes.

Accessory Work

KB/DB farmer’s hold x 3 minutes

*Every time you break perform 5 single arm rows with 1 of the weights.

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