Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class


Handstand drills and progressions


handstand hold (x quality set)

Cycle through the following for 10 minutes (3-5 sets):

Handstand hold x max quality set

Sandbag carry x 60 feet

*Notes: Goal is to get some quality work in on the gymnastic work and increase the load on the carry. 60 feet is just 1 length of the rig

Handstand hold:

L1: Down dog handstand hold

L2: Pike HS hold (toes on box, knees bent)

L3: Pike HS hold (toes on box, knees locked out)

L4: Wall walk

**30 seconds nose touching wall and straight body position for advancement into L5+

L4: Wall HS hold (kick-up to wall)

L5: Freestanding HS hold (on wall)

Sandbag carry (120 feet) (x 60 feet)


Metcon (Time)

For completion:

50 BB lunges

100 double unders

1 mile bike
*Notes: Work through this with the intent to break as minimally as possible

BB lunges: Choose an option that will allow you one break MAX. Max loads are 75/55

L1: unloaded

L2: Back rack

L3: Front rack

L4: Overhead

Double unders:

L1: Single unders

L2: 1/2 double unders

L3: unbroken

Bike: If there are more than 8 people, running an 800m will be a suitable equivalent

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!