Friday 11/18/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

2 sets:

Max reps in 2 minutes:

10 bar facing burpees

Max power cleans (185/115)

Rest 2 minutes

Max reps in 2 minutes:

10 front squats (185/115)

Max double unders

Rest 2 minutes

Max rounds and reps in 2:

Assault bike calories

Rest 2 minutes
*Notes: You should accomplish the first component as fast as possible, then settle into a sustainable pace (90%) to finish the 2 minutes with. The pace should be uncomfortable. Hard enough to make you question whether you can hold that pace enough but not hard enough to let mechanics go out the window. Remember you have full recovery following each 2 minute set. Goal is to beat the # set on the second go around. Score will be reps for each set

Accessory Work

3 sets:

A. Ring row hold x 20-30 seconds

B. Ab wheel roll outs x 10


Ring row hold: hold at the top of a ring row for the allotted time. Walk feet forward or back depending on what will allow you to keep your hands as close to contact with your chest as possible. Think about driving the ELBOWS back rather than pulling the hands to the chest

Ab wheel roll-outs:

Level 1: Ring fall out

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