Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


1 set:

Hamstring curl x 5-10

Natural GHR x 5-10

Empty BB back squats x 10 + pause in the bottom

Seated vertical leaps (no box) x 5


Back Squat (x 3-5 + 1-2 second pause in the bottom)

Cycle through the following strength components for 20 minutes:

A. Back squats x 3-5 w/ 1-2 second pause at the bottom

Once at a 5-7/10 scale of difficulty, add in the following:

B. Seated box jumps x 3-5

*Notes: Start light and build your way through the time allotted. Goal is to build to a challenging 3-5 reps of the back squat in 20 minutes. Rest as needed in between movements and sets to increase difficulty of movements/loading for the next set

Back squat: Choose an option that is going to allow you the highest quality of movement regardless of intensity

L1: Air squat

L2: Goblet/counterbalanced squat

L3: As prescribed

Box jumps (x 3-5)

Max height box jumps. Measure your inches as weight for today
Seated box jumps: sit to a box that will put your femur at paralel. Height of box jumping to isn’t important as much as IMMEDIATE explosive hip and leg extension off the ground is. If you are simply “pulling” your feet up to reach the height of the box, then this defeats the purpose of the exercise.


Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

Every 4 minutes for 12 minutes (3 sets):

200m run

20 BB front rack lunges

10 burpees over the bar
*Notes: Goal is to finish these sets no slower than 3 minutes. Choose options that will allow you to run with a sense of urgency, complete the lunges unbroken and sprint through the burpees. Score will be time for each individual set

BB front rack lunges:

L2: 95/65

Burpees over the bar: these do not need to be bar facing. Choose an option that will allow you to move fast and maintain midline integrity even while fatigued

L1: Box assisted burpee (see push-up progression)

L2: No push-up burpee (ground)

L3: Burpee

L4: As prescribed

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!