Friday 12/15/17

Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Shoulder Press (Build to a tough complex in the time prescribed)

Take 10-12 minutes to build into a heavy single for the day:

Power clean + strict press

*Notes: once you can no longer strict press the weight on the bar, continue forward with the remaining time with a push press

Push Press (If needed)


“3 by 4” (AMRAP – Reps)

A. 4 minute clock:

Behemoth lap

10 G2OH

Rest the remaining time

B. 4 minute clock:

Behemoth lap

15 S2OH

Rest the remaining time

C. 4 minute clock:

Behemoth lap

ME power cleans
*Notes: the goal is to use your ending clean and press load from today, however, if this is unrealistic for you to move for repetitions under fatigue, drop down to a weight that is more manageable. Max loading for this workout shouldn’t feel heavier than about a 5/10 scale. That should probably put you at singles on your power cleans and G2OH but no more than about 2-3 breaks on your S2OH. Score will be max # of power cleans for today.

Power cleans:

L1: Muscle clean

S2OH: it may be most efficient to cycle between push pressing and push jerking the weight here

G2OH: all will use a clean + S2OH for the G2OH today

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