Behemoth CrossFit, BirthFit Houston – Group Class


Spend 12 minutes cycling through the following gymnastics skill work:

A. Double unders x 30-50

B. Hollow rocks x ME in 30-45 seconds

C. Deadlifts x 3-5 reps

*Notes: Try to keep your work concise. Think about 30-45 seconds of consistent, quality work

Double unders:

L1: 60-100 single unders

L2: 45 seconds of DU skill work

L3: Unbroken effort of the rep range provided above

Hollow rocks:

L1: Bent knee

L2: Straddle

L3: Hollow

Deadlifts: just building into workout load for below. Weight should feel very light. About a 2/10 scale with an ability to move sufficiently under a high heart rate

L2: 185/115


EMOM for 12:


Minute 1: 6 deadlifts + 10 WBS

Minute 2: 15 box jumps


Minute 1: 6 deadlifts + 12 WBS

Minute 2: 17 box jumps


Minute 1: 6 deadlifts + 12 WBS

Minute 2: 20 box jumps


Minute 1: 6 axel bar deadlifts @ 155/105 + 12 WBS @ 20/14

Minute 2: 20 box jumps @ 24/20

*Notes: you should not be working past 40 seconds on any of these minutes. In order to SUCCESSFULLY accomplish this workout in the desired time frame, you MUST go smooth and unbroken on all movements with short and quick transitions. Choose loading based off the coaches prescription. This is the type of workout to be SURE you can, rather than to “see” if you can. Whichever level you’re thinking, it may be best to choose the option below that.

Deadlifts: weight should feel very light like a 2/10 scale. For an additional challenge use the axel bar

WBS: weight should allow you to do the rep scheme provided unbroken each time

L1: 6-10

L2: 10-14

L3: 14-20

Box jumps: height should allow you to cycle reps quickly by jumping up, standing tall and stepping down

L1: 12-16″

L2: 16-20″

L3: 20-24″

fitness motivation

Got it!

fitness motivation

Got it!