Monday 01/04/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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(No Measure)

2 sets:

Shoulder dislocates x 5/5

Band pull-apart series x 5/movement

Behemoth Snatch Progression

Farmer’s Carry (x 60 feet)

20 minute strength AMRAP (for quality and load):

A. Farmers carry x 60 feet

B. Chin-up negatives x 3-5

C. Bar dips x 4-6

Notes: build off of 12/16 strength work. Rest as much time as needed to build on the previous set. Through the time, just build to a TOUGH 60 foot farmer’s carry

-Farmer’s carry: as heavy as possible for the distance listed.

-Chin-up negative: working the negative here but if you can do the full chin-up, do it!

Level 1: box assisted negative x 5 seconds

Level 2: unassisted negative x 5 seconds (add pull-up if ability allows)

Level 3: wtd x 5 seconds (add pull-up if ability allows)

C: Weighted dips (x 4-6)

Level 1: banded

Level 2: unassisted

Level 3: wtd

Metcon (Weight)

8 minute ladder:

single arm KB swing x 2

single arm KB clean x 2

single arm thruster x 2

single arm front rack carry x 60 feet
After completing the front rack carry, switch arms. Once you complete your set of 2 on each arm, add 2 reps to make it 4 each arm. Continue this until the 8 minutes expire. Goal would be to complete each set unbroken and only rest if needed, after the carry


Level 2: 70/45

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