Monday 01/11/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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(No Measure)

A. Crossover Symmetry (show up early and perform on your own)

B. Behemoth Snatch Progression (as a group)

Single arm bench press (x 8-10/arm)

Strength circuit (20 minutes)

3-5 sets:

A. Single arm DB bench press x 8-10/arm

B. Supinated row x 5

C. Handstand hold x :30

Notes: Just build to a challenging set, whatever the reps call for in the time allotted.

-Single arm poor man’s bench: Upper back on med ball, hips bridged to the sky. Only as low as your ability to hold a good shoulder position

-Handstand hold: If 30 seconds is a breeze, shoot for :45. If that is just as easy, no more than :60

Level 1: push-up plank/long hollow

Level 2: wall walk

Level 3: kick-up

Supinated row (x 5)

Bent over row w/ supinated grip

75 WBS for time (Time)

75 WBS @ 20/14
6:00 cap

Cool Down

2 sets (mix into stretches):

Band pull-aparts x 5/movement

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