Monday 01/23/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Hang snatch + snatch (15 minutes of BB skill work)

Take 15 minutes to work on the barbell complex below:

Hang snatch (1st position) + snatch

*Notes: Work the full OHS to the best of YOUR ability. You will perform 1 snatch at the 1st position AND from the ground with the same weight SUCCESSFULLY before progressing weight. Depending on mobility and intensity prescriptions, some folks may be working the full clean here if coach believes it to be best for the workouts intent

Level 1: work the barbell skill and build as many quality reps of the complexes in 12 minutes. Loading isn’t as important as movement quality is

Level 2: Build to a “challenging” complex for the day in the 12 minutes

Take no more than 3 minutes to break your bar down, set up a box and move into the following…


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Perform the following with a partner:

60 seconds on/60 seconds off for 5 sets/person:

10-12 hang power snatch (75/55)

ME box jumps (24/20)
*Notes: No athlete will work past 35 seconds on the snatches. This will be from either of the hang positions. Work for a minute while your partner rests, then swap for 5 sets each or 10 total sets. Partner coach them up! Make sure they’re reaching hip contact and “punching” themselves into full lockout beneath the bar. Set a good “benchmark” # for your first set and hold yourself accountable to that # each time. Weight on the snatches should feel like a 2/10

Accessory Work


Work on a core movement for 5-10 minutes

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