Monday 02/06/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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10 minutes or 3 sets, whichever comes first:

A. Hamstring curls x 6-8

B. Single arm KB front rack hold x 30/side AHAP (without breaking position)

C. Power cleans x 3

*Notes: Just getting some good structural strength work in and building to our power clean weight

Single arm KB front rack hold: use as heavy a KB as quality mechanics will allow. Remember, we are “resisting” movement here. Be a statue!

Power cleans: work on consecutive reps


WBS + Power clean descending ladder (Time)

Complete for time (12 minute cap):

Buy-in: 30/20 AB calories


WBS (20/14)


Power cleans (155/105)

Buy-out: Behemoth lap
*Notes: Weight should be slightly more challenging than typical on power cleans (3-4/10 scale) but should still allow for good chunks of reps to be done unbroken or fast. Start a new heat every 2 minutes for over 8 people. Must be out on your lap by 12 minutes to finish!

Accessory Work

Plate holds

(pinch grip)
8 sets:

20 seconds ME plate pinch grip

10 seconds rest

*Notes: try not to curl your fingers underneath the lip of the plate. Pinch it like a lobster claw

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