Monday 02/08/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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(No Measure)


-Crossover symmetry (before class)

-Joint MOB

-Skill warm-up: Progressing the split jerk


-Front knee stacked over ankle

-Back knee soft

-Back heel up

-Weight stacked over joints

-Agressive lockout overhead

2. Partners mark feet

3. 1 set:

Dip squats w/ PVC or BB x 5

Jump to land x 5

4. 1 set w/ partner (PVC or BB):

Behind the neck split jerk x 5

Front rack split jerk x 5

5. 10-15 minutes of alternating sets w/ partner:

3x (Front squat + split jerk)

*Let jerk footwork dictate loading

Push Press (5 x 5)

A. 5-8 minutes to build to working load

B. 5 sets:

Push press x 5

Box jumps x 10 (24/20)

Rest 60-90 seconds

*Push press: Compare to 01/29

Level 1: sets should feel like a 5-7 out of 10

Level 2: all sets @ 73% of 1RM

*Box jumps: working quick step downs and right back up

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