Monday 05/01/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A: Shoulder Press (x 1-3)

Take 20 minutes to cycle through the following strength components:

A. BB shoulder press x 1-3 AHAP

Once at a good working set (5-7/10 on difficulty scale), add in the following

B. Pull-ups x 1-3

C. Sandbag squats x 8-10

Rest as needed in between movements and sets

*Notes: Start light enough to establish your routine and quality mechanics then build to some challenging sets towards the end of the 20 minutes

BB shoulder press: go from the ground for an extra opportunity to work on your clean

B: Pull-ups (x 1-3)

C: Sandbag squat (x 8-10)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 minute clock:

800m run (0-5)

30 T2B (5-7)

immediately into in remaining portion of time…

AMRAP (7-10):

DB man makers (50/30)
*Notes: Score will be total reps (start your rep count at the T2B). Notice the prescribed MAXIMAL time being spent at each component. Choose the option that will best set you up to successfully get to the man makers.


Level 1: Lying leg lifts

Level 2: Hanging knee raises

Level 3: K2E

Level 4: T2B

Accessory Work

Break up however desired:

Band pull aparts x 30

Banded face pulls x 30

Banded rows x 30

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