Monday 06/12/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Single Arm Dumbell Press (x 5-6/arm)

Take 15 minutes to accomplish 4-6 sets of the following:

A. Single arm KB press x 5-6/arm + single arm front rack lunges x 5-6

Rest 30-60 seconds

B. Strict pull-ups x 3-6 @ 2X22

Rest as needed

*Notes: Jump right into these sets and start somewhere below a 5/10 scale of difficulty and towards the end, work up past a 5/10 difficulty. For A, complete all reps on one arm, then on your next set, accomplish the work with the other arm.

Single arm KB press: only as heavy as your ability to hold a neutral spine position. Be sure to come back down to the front rack position each time.

Pull-ups (x 3-6 @ 2X22)

Strict pull-ups: 2 seconds lowering, 2 seconds at the bottom, explode to the top, 2 seconds chin above the bar

Level 1: Rack assisted

Level 2: Box assisted

Level 3: Light band assisted (red band or less, not red + purple!)

Level 4: Unassisted

Level 5: Wtd for prescribed tempo


“Barbell countdown” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 8:

25 Deadlifts

20 Hang power cleans

15 Front squats

10 S2OH

5 Thrusters
“Barbell countdown”

AMRAP in 8:

25 Deadlifts (105/80)

20 Hang power cleans

15 Front squats

10 S2OH

5 Thrusters

*Notes: This is a re-test of a Behemoth Benchmark workout. Go back to previous scores to see the details of how one can improve. Weight should feel like a 2/10 scale of difficutly. Ultimately, you should be using a weight that you could do at least the first round unbroken. Let your thruster weight dictate loading here. One weight used for the entire workout.

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