Monday 06/19/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Build to working weight. While doing so, think about:

-No more than about 6-8 minutes (don’t rush, but work with a sense of urgency)

-About 4-6 efforts to get to weight


Deadlift (x 1-2)

EMOM in 24 (8 sets):

Minute 1: 1-2 TOUGH deadlifts

Minute 2: DB push press x 8-10

Minute 3: DB burpee step-up and overs x 3-5

*Notes: Treat this workout like strength work but also understand that there will be a decent metabolic effect. You will have to enter each movement with a high heart rate, do not allow this to hinder mechanics or pre-lift set-up and routine.

Deadlift: This weigth should feel around a 7/10 scale, whether that be slightly above or below. If you are doing 2 repetitions, be sure you aren’t working past 15-20 seconds

DB Push Press (x 8-10)

DB push press: as heavy as ability to hold good mechanics.

DB burpee step-up and overs: use the same DBs as the push press if able. No higher than 20″ is necessary here.

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