Monday 07/25/16

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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“Lil’ Nancy-ish” (Time)


Behemoth lap

7 Power snatch (135/95)

7 OHS (135/95)
*Notes: Remember that intensity is movement agnostic. If mobility in the movement promotes insufficient depth and/or quality enough movement to get a desired stimulus from that movement, then the movement must be modified to one that will provide the proper stimulus. Remember that. This workout needs to be done unbroken, period.

Level 1: hang power clean/front squats

Level 2: OHS

Accessory Work

“Bar Hang” (Time)

ME bar hang
1 set:

Pinch grip x ME (25-45)

Rest :30

Bar hang x ME

*Notes: try to use weights that will allow for unbroken. Otherwise accumulate

Metcon (No Measure)

Struggle with OHS? Do this every day:


Pass throughs x 10/10 (trying to do as many reps inside snatch grip as possible)

Table top rocks x 10

Elevated cat stretch (on box) x :60

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