Monday 07/31/17

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Gymnastic skill work:

Take 12 minutes to cycle through the following gymnastic skills for QUALITY reps:

A. Strict muscle-ups x 1-3 quality reps

B. Deck squats x 5

C. Hollow work x 15-20


Strict muscle-up:

Level 1: Very low pull-up and pressing strength

A. Pull-up negatives x 1-3 (5-second lowering) + push-ups x 2-6

Level 2: Moderate pull-up and pressing strength (can do a couple strict pull-ups and bar dips)

A. Pull-ups x 1-3 reps (using assistance only where needed) + bar dips x 2-6

Level 3: At least 5/3 strict unasssited pull-ups and dips

A. Strict muscle-up progression (banded or L-hang) x 1-3 reps + ring dips x 2-6

Deck squats: for any progression, using a small weight in front of the body can assit this movement

Level 1: elevated surface

Level 2: ground

Level 3: candlestick (two feet descending)

Level 4: candlestick (one foot descending)

Level 5: pistol squat progression

Hollow work: if you can hold a QUALITY full hollow hold for 30 seconds then you have earned the ability to rock in that position.

Level 1: holds (bent knee/straddle/hollow)

Level 2: rocks (bent knee/straddle/hollow)


Behemoth 100% (AMRAP – Reps)

5 minute clock:

40 box jump overs (Minute 1-2)

ME odd object cleans (Minute 2-5)
*Notes: The goal is to move swiftly through this workout without any hesitation if you are to meet this time cap. If you finish your 20th odd object clean under the 5 minutes, that is your time for the day

Box jump overs:

Level 1: 16/12

Level 2: 20/16

Level 3: 24/20

Odd object cleans: utilize a med ball or a sand bag here. Goal is to finish the 20 reps

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