Monday 08/03/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A: Lunges (3-4 sets of 20 steps)

DB loaded in each hand

In between each set perform:

B: Turkish Get Up (3-4 x 2/arm)

Remember the 6 points of performance.

1. Roll onto the elbow

2. Press onto the palm

3. Bridge the hips HIGH

4. Slide the knee underneath the hips

5. Rise into the bottom of the lunge

6. Stand tall

Athletes choose their own weights. First set is a warm-up, unloaded/light on the lunges as well as the TGU

Metcon (Time)

15:00 cap

In teams of 3, perform 3 sets individually:

15/10 calories on Assault Bike

5 medball cleans

Med ball carry lap (around the rig and back)
Athlete 1 does 1 round while the others rest. When they are finished, athlete 2 goes through. Finally, athlete 3. That is 1 set, 3 sets. Each set shouldn’t really take the athlete longer than :90

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