Monday 08/10/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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A: Turkish Get Up (2/arm)

2-3 sets (no more than 10:00)

A. Turkish Get-ups x 2/arm

B. Med ball toss (for max height) x 3

6 points of performance:

1. Roll to the elbow

2. Extend onto the palm

3. Bridge the hips (HIGH)

4. Slide the knee through (under the hips)

5. Bottom of the lunge

6. Stand

A: High-Hang Clean (3 reps ever :90-2:00)

A. 5:00 to buil to first working load and/or warm-up reps

B. Every :90-2:00 (no more than 10:00 of total work)

(clean deadlift + power position/high-hang squat clean) x 3

Each rep should be dropped from the top. The clean deadlift is simply emphasizing to pick it up properly off the ground on each rep

A: Suitcase carry (x Behemoth lap)

10lbs heavier than what you typically use for farmer’s carry. Unbroken.

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