Monday 08/17/15

Behemoth CrossFit – Group Class

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Turkish Get Up (2 reps EMOM for 8)

Athletes can start challenging or build as you go throughout. 2 reps on one arm on one minute, 2 reps on the other arm on the other minute (3 total working sets/arm)

1. Roll to the elbow

2. Extend onto the palm

3. Bridge the hips (HIGH)

4. Slide the knee through (under the hips)

5. Bottom of the lunge

6. Stand

High-Hang Clean (2 reps every :75-:90)

A. 5:00 to build to first working load

B. Every :75-:90 (10:00 of total work)

2x clean deadlift + squat clean (from power position)

Each rep should be dropped from the top. This is the second week, go by feel and let mechanics dictate loading but be aware of where you ended the previous week.

A: Chin-ups (2:00 max reps)

Supinated grip (palms facing you)

B: Farmer’s Carry (1 x 200m)

C: Push-up (2:00 max reps)

Accessory (on your own):

2:00 max strict chin-ups

200m farmer carry

2:00 max push-ups

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